If you’re a runner who also happens to be into jam bands and/or electronic music, these Bisco workout mixes might be the greatest thing you’ve ever heard. Or you might hate them. But for me, these running mixes are the perfect companion to a long cardio workout. They’re also great for just zoning out in the gym.

They’re excerpts from live improvisational performances by The Disco Biscuits, mixed together so that everything “flows” well from one jam to the next. The composed parts of the songs have been removed (in most cases), so there’s usually a pretty consistent beat. Most of these came from the deepest, darkest corners of Phantasy Tour message board, and I take no credit for the creation (or contents) of these jams.

So, without further ado… Biscuits workout mixes!

Not sure where to start? If I recall correctly, my favorites are “The Firemost Running Mix”, “Resurrection Running Mix”, “The Decade Running Mix”, and “Project Four Running Mix”… But they’re all good. Download a few and get your ass out the door for a run!

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